Anna Leliwa


The whole story began when I was a 4 year old girl who
colored with a green pencil a horse in a book. My grand
mother, who was deeply, esthetically disgusted by this
barbaric act of creation nterrupted the fairy-tale with a
comment: "Who has seen a green horse?! Such a thing
doesn’t exist at all!
" And every time when I was "reading"
this book by myself I also comment out loud: " but there
must be somewhere green horses like this, right?

Over the years the green horse become for me a symbol
of independent art, free imagination and joy of creation.
And years later… I have found my green horse for real.
Far away from my home, my country, and yeah, far away
from my dream life and any artistic independence I have
found a merry-go-round green horse leaning against a
fence in backyard of my neighbors house. I grabbed my
pastels and made a sketch (lucky me! The green horse
didn’t move, posing patiently J) This green horse was a
sign for me I had to find the time and courage to paint
and to do all the artistic things deposited in my soul.

So green horses do exist! I have the proof… against the
knowledge of my grandmother!